About Maggie

I am a beloved child of God. So are you. More than that, we are reflections of the image of God.  We are holy. Right now. As we are.  In this very moment. The creation within us is inseparable from the creator from which it came and the rest of creation surrounding us. Therefore, it is not merely a pleasurable experience to take delight in ourselves or the world around us, it is our most effective way to acknowledge and praise the mightiness and awe of this abundant life. Finding joy in the beauty of creation is not consequential. It is essential. If we are to walk through this one life to the best of our ability it will be with enthusiasm. The word “enthusiasm” is from the Greek words meaning “the spirit of God within.”

Every culture has a creation story. We instinctively know that what we come from matters. The poetry of form and function is in the reciprocation between the two. So when we use the bounty of God’s design to nourish our bodies with intention then we are nourishing our spirit and mind.

Every mind, spirit, and body deserves nourishing self-care. I would like to companion with you to finding that wholeness. I know as well as anyone how dark moments shaded by scarcity and fear can leave one feeling abandoned, desperate, and lacking. I have tried to use a lot of the wrong things to fill that void. I also know how lonely it can feel when you are trying so hard to make the best choices for your body and soul and it feels like the universe is against you. Eating well can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

I am blessed to be a product of a life of Girl Scouting, a women’s university (my B.A. is from Hollins University in Roanoke, VA), incomparable molding from 12-step groups, and an incredibly motivating and supportive church family.   It is these buttresses from my past and the exuberance that I experience as the mother of two boys that push me forward to relish a life of creativity and gratitude. I have this push of support, but it would be nothing without my choice to surrender—surrender my control. It is when we allow the beauty of God’s design to flourish and nourish that we can feel a complete connection to the life source and energy of the universe.

I would love to fix you a meal that is easy, joyful, nourishing, and full of love—mine and God’s. If you don’t need a meal, but you would like for me to hold a sacred space of contemplation for you it would be my pleasure!


You are a beautiful reflection of the image of the divine. You were created to enjoy a life of abundance–to relish the creation that surrounds you. The Annestasis process is one of stepping into that fullness with enthusiasm, of proclaiming your integral part in the patterns of the universe.  You deserve serenity. You deserve joy. You deserve health. You deserve to be NOURISHED. We’re here to help you NOURISH yourself. 


"Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly."
~Robert H. Schuller


"The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.”
~Carrie Jones

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